There’s no single solution to these questions. Solar, wind and wave power will play a big part - but there is a proven technology right now that can help to do all these things and more. Protecting our environment, generating new jobs, and securing energy for Hawaii’s energy independent future. It is called Gasification.

Gasification provides a cost-effective method to meet our state’s renewable energy requirements. This high-efficiency process converts biomass waste and other organic renewables into clean energy by producing a gaseous bio-fuel capable of directly replacing natural gas in the production of electricity. Gasification is an affordable and environmentally sound alternative to fossil fuel generated electricity that provides a solution to Oahu’s waste management and landfill issues, energy security for our island, and keeps hundreds of millions of dollars spent on foreign oil in our local economy.

We at Honua Power have envisioned an energy-sustainable future for Hawaii. We have anticipated the renewable energy needs of our state, and for the past five years, we have worked hard to align our mission with those needs. This site provides information about the company behind Hawaii’s first gasification power project and this remarkable technology. Please take a few minutes to tour our site and learn more about the Honua Power project planned for Oahu in 2011.